ESS Cargo Services Limited (ESS) has concentrated his core competence 3PL logistics business. ESS is running a professional model by a group of high qualification and experience management team.

Fitting to the global sourcing and mixed package at various regions from our customers, we emphasis on the importance of our overseas network. We especially set up offices in USA and various major cities in China to strengthen and ensure provision of relieved, gratified and satisfied services.

ESS will take care of the operation procedures in details; we put much effort to keep a good reputation and good relation network in our customer service issue. ESS is not only running a customer oriented system, but also is running an "each individual customer oriented system". It is because every customer has their unique and individual service requirement in their logistics programme. Our aim is to satisfy each individual customer.

Human resources are the major investment item in our company. Through different level of training, employees make progress continuously and provide better services. To utilize the "One Stop Shop" supply chain management method to save the cost or example of various trading cost, logistics cost and so on. If we revert an operation flow in carefully, we will help our customers to save the money and increase the reward.

Besides, our company, through the use of common facilities and human resources, reduction of the stock level and other steps, to save the assets from the enterprises including capital, warehouse, facility and human resources.

Blooming of logistics business is due to professionalism and outsourcing of core competence to increase their competitive advantage in their market. Fewer the resources used, more the business and higher the profit.

Enterprises practice on supply chain management concept is evidently extremely a good method to obtain much profit. To satisfy each individual customer is our main target.