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A fast and efficient air transport cargo service becomes extremely important in our nowadays world. But have you ever feel under pressure by the rapid change of the price that the cost is increasing every single day? Have you experienced an unexpected delay of goods transported to destination?

Through our analysis we discovered that the delay was mainly caused by the mistaken of time in the middle stop transfer port. In this case, to avoid the delay happens, we will make sure we have reserved the enough cargo slots from the plane before we take your order. We will not take the risk of the unknown amount of slots and transport goods for our customers. As we know the importance of the timing and it will cost a big lose to our customers for any delay.

That is as the same importance as the recognition of our company. On the other hand, to reduce the cost of the air transportation, we provide two kinds of air flight schedule, which are the direct flight, that the goods will fly directly to the destination on the same flight, or the in-direct flight with a lower cost which the goods might go on two or more planes before arriving the destination.

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