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As an overseas sales agent, you don't need to set up a trading company in Hong Kong to collect the goods from the vendors anymore. You can just simply appoint a company in Hong Kong acting as a booking agent and enjoy the following benefits:
1. Cost Saving and Legal Liabilities problem
Rent and salary is particularly high in Hong Kong. By appointing broking agent, no office is needed to be set up and no staff and management personnel be employed. Also, accounting and legal problem can be avoided.

2. Our core businesses are freight forwarding and logistic services. Therefore, we will not involve in trading business or sourcing business to danger your business. You can count us as an independent third party in your triangle business model.

3. We will charge you handling fee instead of commission which will be at a lower rate.

4. Avoiding the suppliers know the identity of the ultimate consignees and vice versa, to protect your own interest.

5. We can use the nominated freight forwarders of ultimate consignees.

6. We are familiar with the booking procedures of the shipping/air/courier companies, to ensure that the processes can run smoothly.

7. We will fully report to you and follow your instruction only, just acting as your Hong Kong office.

8. We will use your company name when booking with nominated freight forwarders and as the shipper in the bill of lading.

9. If you request, we can buy China or Hong Kong quota on your behalf for exporting to ECU and USA.

10. This service is also applicable for exporting to Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries.