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Ocean freight service is a long history industry and every freight forwarder companies in the market should be capable to provide all-round and comprehensive container transportation services to customers. ESS Cargo Services Limited (ESS), among all the small and medium sized freight forwarders companies, shows its outstanding and unique competitive advantages:

1. Because of lower operation cost, clients can afford the same level of services by more ideal and lower charges.

2. Close relationship with customers and provide updated information to them according to the market condition, for examples, providing information about anti terrorism rules in each country.

3. Small and medium sized clients may not be able to get the most ideal prices and cargo space protection from the large freight forwarders or shipping companies, especially during the peak seasons. Shippers will then have to pay for the overseas customers to ship by air to catch up the shipment schedule. This is because they have lower bargaining power than the one larger in size. In ESS, each individual customer is our VIP, no such situation will be occurred.

Therefore, for the small and medium sized companied busy with engaging in trading or produc-tion, we can provide a more flexible and efficient shipping services. This is also the reason for the existence of freight forwarder companies sized like ours in such a highly competitive business environment.

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