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Free port in Hong Kong enables us to have import or export declaration after import and export of goods, which increases the efficiency. Also, as Hong Kong is a part of China, it is easier for goods to be export from China to Hong Kong and vice versa. Once the goods have moved out of China factory to Hong Kong, your China factory can have tax rebate from China government immediately. This can improve the bargaining power when negotiating a better cost of gold sold from China factory.

Moreover, Hong Kong container terminals and international airport, no matter in the air or ocean flight scheduling and tonnage, are very famous in the world.

Our warehouse have the following facilitates: 24 hours CCTV system and security guards patrol, insurance coverage, computer software specialized for warehouses to monitor in and out of the each piece of goods, different types of forklifts and electronic pounds, and employs Hong Kong permanent residents to reduce the chance of internal theft.

By using our warehouse, your company doesn’t need to pay a large set up cost to establish your own company to manage a warehouse in Hong Kong, saving fixed expensive rent and employing expensive labor on a monthly basis no matter in peak season or not.

Our company will just charge you the actual tonnage moving in and out of our warehouse on monthly basis. And we will fully report to your company and follow your instruction only. Together with safe and convenient transportation network, your company can have more confidence on our service.

For detail information, please don’t hesitate to contact us for discussion.